Aerix Group



Leveraging partnerships and manufacturer relations to provide up to date service, technology and systems



We are a hub of top industry talent. We are driven by the value our business provides our teams across board and customers.



Over the years we have developed a framework that focuses on optimising resources and ensuring positive performance for our partners and customers.



At the core of our operations is social responsibility to the community at scale and our environment.

Our Portfolio Companies

Each business comprises a cohesive team of seasoned professionals with one
goal in mind; forge a strong partnership with our clients in order to exceed
expectations in product and service delivery.

What Makes Us

Commitment to our customers
and partners

Aerix Group is committed to always go the extra mile.

We find new ways, always linked to real customer needs and business priorities. After all, without customer trust and satisfaction, the rest does not matter.


Aerix Group’s deliveries are the sum of the expertise and experience of many individuals.

This diversity of personal capabilities and the interaction between them liberates energy and generates new ideas, creative solutions and lasting value. Aerix Group activity strives to attract and develop talented individuals who understand our customers’ neeeds and requirement and who can produce and deliver the best solutions. Aerix Group respects diversity and encourages the building of teams in which energy, enthusiasm and creativity can be unlocked through diversification.


Our commitment to quality is at the core of our basic strategy for delivering, performing sustainable services and future growth. 

Our ISO 9001 certification is proof of Aerix’s dedication to provide products/services that meet customer satisfaction.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) has always been a core focus for Aerix Group. We pride ourselves on providing a safe working environment for all our employees, sub contractors and customers. The creation of several HSE programs and initiatives has ensured the consistent improvement of our safety records every year. Safety is everyone’s responsibility at Aerix, all our employees are given a compulsory HSE training to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge of how to recognise and combat potential danger and hazards.

Global Network

Through the years Aerix Group has built a strong network of global alliances.

From Kuala Lampur to Abu Dhabi from Houston to Aberdeen from Luanda to Port Harcourt, we are continually striving to eke out and deliver that extra value to our customers by seaching for the best quality but most cost effective products and services.

Innovation In Service Delivery

We deliver leading-edge solutions borne out of extensive research.

We keep you up with global trends in customer-focused service delivery and pass on the benefits to our esteemed clients.

We Are Committed To Local Content Development

At Aerix Group, our business model is built around developing sustainable local competency across the entire business line.

From domiciling production of pertinent materials and equipment to empowering our workforce through training, Aerix in conjunction with our technical partners is committed to Local Content Initiative in any country where we operate through technology transfer, cross posting and e-learning. We strongly believe that our growth and success is hinged on deliberately honing our skills to international standards.

Consequently, we have teamed up with various manufacturers and service providers (all global leaders in their fields) to deliver homegrown and first rate products and services to our customers.



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