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Aerix Engineering and construction offers a full range of services including engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance. Clients are welcome to select any of these services individually or an integrated full service engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project delivery method. Our team of industry leaders is focused on delivering highly complex projects on time and within budget. We have the processes and sysyems in place to manage all projects to this end result and are particularly sensitive to keeping the client fully informed in respect to the ongoing status of the project. A commitment to client satisfaction, excellence in execution, and providing the best environment for our employess’ growth cultivates a culture that makes Aerix a trusted engineering, procurement and construction partner. Specifically, we offer construction, engineering, and procurement services.

Our Services


People make the difference in driving project success. Aerix Engineering & Construction understands this fact. We have a highly experienced team of professional engineers who deliver a full suite of engineering services. We have built the processes and the tools to make these talented experts both highly efficient and productive.

Our team delivers solutions for projects of any size in order to meet our industrial clients’ engineering needs. In addition to providing the following engineering services, Aerix E&C provides procurement and construction services through a highly integrated, full service EPC team.

Front End Planning

  • Conceptual Development
  • Feasibility/Economic Analysis
  • Process Development and Design
  • Process System Heat and Material Balance Modeling
  • Process Optimization
  • Constructability
  • Detailed Scope and Estimates
  •  Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • Laser Scanning

Detailed Engineering

  • Equipment Specifications
  • Procurement
  • Full Discipline Detail Design
  • Integtated 3D Modeling

Construction Support

  • Field Support
  • Quantity Management
  • Start up and Commissioning Support


Aerix E&C is a full service procurement partner to our clients. We deliver comprehensive material management expertise to address the life cycle project materials and engineered equipment needs from planning, requisitioning, procurement, expediting, quality surveillance, receiving, onsite storage and issuance to the field for installation. Our material management processes are seamlessly integrated with engineering and construction scheduling in in order to fulfill our clients’ needs. Our materials management team has developed long term global relationships with equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and subcontractors to provide timely and cost effective service to our projects. In addition, we provide engineering and construction services on a standalone basis, or through a highly integrated full service EPC team. Our experienced procurement teams plays a


  • Vendor/Sub Qualification
  • Material/Equipment
  • Requisition Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Quality Surveillance

Construction Support

  • Logistics
  • Site Materials Management
  • Subcontractor Coordination


Aerix Engineering & Construction team is a leader in direct hire construction, providing a full range of construction services. Our team consists of industry leaders who excel in consistent management and delivery of complex construction projects. Aerix utilizes an integrated project information management system that provides with timely projects status reports. Our team’s experience of proven success combined with our established processes and procedures afford our customers the ability to enlist world class capability while retaining economic benefit such as flat overhead, access to company owners and decision makers, nimbleness and the responsiveness of a small company. We provide a comprehensive work force consisting of all major crafts, including civil /structural, mechanical, electrical as well as start-up and commissioning. We utilise subcontracts for specialty work such as piling, painting and insulation. Direct control of skilled labour allows us the ability to optimize cost and schedule performance, while executing projects to the highest safety standards.

In addition to construction services, we provide engineering and procurement through a highly integrated full service EPC team.

Construction Expertise

  • Direct Hire Execution
  • Construction Management
  • Workforce Development and Retention
  • Comprehensive Project Controls Tools
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management

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