Local Content Policy

We are committed to providing qualitative, robust and world class engineering, procurement and construction solutions, as well as consultancy services that constantly meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

This is to enable us meet the Government’s requirement on Local Content development.

We do this by setting policies that promote this vision:

  • We endeavor to employ a greater percentage of Local staff in the company. Our staff list shows that about one hundred percent (100%) of the entire staff in Aerix is Local. We intend to employ at most 5% expatriate staff from our technical partners if the need arises.
  • Our Local technical personnel are given trainings within and outside the country to furnish them with required and acceptable skills needed in the execution of our services in the oil and gas industry.
  • The unskilled and semi‐skilled labor we employ from time to time in the course of project executions are employed from the indigenous local communities where we carry out our work. This is done to improve the economic state of the section of the host communities we encounter thus affecting positively the economic state of our host communities. We do not transfer labor hands from one host community to another. We employ labor hands within the communities we work in.
  • The equipment used in jobs execution are sourced both locally and internationally. We endeavor to patronize the Local economy by sourcing materials from within and only go outside the Local market when what is required is not available locally.
  • We also keep the local communities informed adequately about our activities within their localities to assure them we mean no harm. Policies that are beneficial to the host community from our clients through us are also disseminated to them peacefully and amicably while we carry out our activities. This ensures we have peaceful environment to carry out operations.
  • We are in technical partnership with foreign corporations that assist with technical backup for our personnel and services with the agreement to transfer such technical skills to us in the course of project execution. This enables our staff update themselves regularly with latest practices within the oil and gas industry and the other areas of our services provision.