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We are leading provider of custom-engineered auxiliary equipment and maintenance support services for the energy industry

Aerix and her partners have the knowledge, manufacturing capabilities, skills and safety record needed by the energy industry to meet our customer’s needs.

Our vast products portfolio span from auxiliary equipment for flow control, pressure safety, process heaters, fuel gas systems and metering systems. We also offer a broad range of services that have been enhancing plant asset value, including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), maintenance, Upgrades, power up-rates, and material condition improvements.


Our Services

Forged Valves

Our range of valves includes carbon, alloy, stainless and special forged steel valves. The types include gate valves, globe valves, check, combination valves and API 6A and 6D valves, cryogenic valves for temperatures to -1960C, and valves with extended bodies. We also supply valves with special mountings for electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and other specific accessories.

Safety Valves

We supply a comprehensive range of pressure relief valves and safety devices for use in oil and gas and power industries (conventional and nuclear). The variety of products covers all industrial applications in which protective action against overpressure is required. Our products are recognized globally for their quality, innovative design and durability.

Valve Support

We are able precisely to measure the product performance by means of still lasting service activity. Our service activities are not limited with own products, but we offer our specialized qualification to the customer whenever required for every type of brand.

After-Sale Service

We are aware that ‘After Sales Service’ is an important factor in the sales and ongoing success of products. Our highly qualified service crew, who monitors the manufacture processes and tests of the product, is also an indicator of how we give a special care to ‘after sales’.

Rupture Disc

We supply and install pressure relief products that are compliant with global code regulations and are designed to meet or exceed industry requirements for rupture disc performance, reliability, and quality. From safeguarding your manufacturing processes to protecting your safety relief valves (SRV’s), our rupture discs and pressure relief products are part of the critical path to lowering your costs and helping you achieve higher profitability.

rapture disc

Process Heater

Aerix is a renowned supplier of electric process heating and control systems. Our experience in electric heaters for use in hazardous area locations is second to none. Our complete range of custom-engineered process and immersion heaters, together with our standard product portfolio which incorporates immersion heaters, room heaters and thermostats have extensive IECx, ATEX and CSA certification.


Packaged Systems

We provide expertise in handling and processing oil, gas and water fluids for the following key industries.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Power Distribution
  • Refineries and petrochemical industries

Equipments can be supplied as complete dressed items or individually packaged modules, all of which can be provided in a complete, fully tested and process guaranteed bespoke system form

Packaged Units

We are a well-known, pre-qualified supplier of the following package Units:

  • Multiphase separation units (gas / liquids / solids)
  • Completed gas turbine fuel (oil and gas) treatment and forwarding systems
  • Gas & liquid measuring units
  • Bio-tech special units
  • Auxiliary units for compression stations
  • Pumping units
  • Loading & unloading liquid units
  • Gas dehydrating units
  • Gas / Oil seperation plants (GOSP)
  • Chemical injection units

All the above mentioned units are sized, custom designed, manufactured, tested and assembled in the security of a workshop, ready to safe delivery to site complete with instructions and support, where necessary, for simple erection and commissioning.


Metering Systems

Our Metering Systems is a specialized engineering contractor for design, construction and commissioning of field-proven innovative solutions for Custody Transfer Flow Measurement in the worldwide Oil & Gas Industry.

As an independent integrated solutions provider, we are uniquely positioned to offer technically sound and cost-effective solutions based on objective analysis of available metering technologies without being biased for its own manufactured products and system components. With our vast experience and project-oriented approach we always strive to supply the best techno-commercial solution to our clients in line with the applicable project specific requirements, industry codes and standards and national regulatory rules and guidelines

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